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Family Lunchtime Zoom Cook-Along (Session 3)

While the schools remain closed, join my daughter Grace and I for a lunchtime cook-along. These cook-alongs will be a little simpler then our usual ones. We will prep everything during the class and have a tasty and nutritious lunch to enjoy at the end. All we ask is that you have your ingredients and equipment to hand. While we love our full meal cook-alongs, we are aware that having a lot of prep to do beforehand is not feasible during a school or working from home day so these classes are designed to be as stress free as possible!

We will also try to use ingredients that are readily available for these classes.



Garlic Chicken (similar to Chicken Kiev) and Hasselback Potatoes


Fruit Skewers with Hot Chocolate Sauce-think of it as a Fruit “Fondue”