Team Building

Get your team together for a fun and sociable cookery class.

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Please note all events are tailored to the needs of each individual group. The below options are just a guideline, please call us so that we can help you organise the best event for your group.

All packages (apart from option 2) will include cookery demonstrations by Chef Tara Walker followed by hands-on participation

Option 1:

Provide 2 choices of dessert/baking which teams can choose between and make. There can be an element of competition here e.g. a “bake-off” which can be judged on completion

Teams make their own starters/nibbles

Group participation in Main Course and Sides to encourage a convivial atmosphere just before sitting down together to eat.

€75 per person

Option 2:

Mystery box of ingredients to be available to teams on arrival. Cook books will be available at break away tables and teams can work together to decide upon a menu. There will be 2 cookery tutors moving around the groups to provide assistance if required. We can also use online resources for inspiration.

We can do a “Masterchef” style tasting of dishes on completion to decide upon the best dish.

Sit down to enjoy the dishes cooked by their own team

€90 per person

Option 3

Straight forward hands-on class comprising of cookery demonstration followed by participants making their own in groups. Starter/Main/Dessert format followed by a wine pairing talk (or craft beer) and sit down meal as a group.

€75 per person

* Please note 2/3 glasses of wine per person (or craft beer) will be included in all packages. All equipment and aprons will be provided by East Coast Cookery School. Recipe packs (if applicable, depending on package chosen) are included.

**Please note all prices are based on a minimum group of 12 participants