Monkfish wrapped in McCarthy Kanturk Pancetta & Chocolate, Pistachio & Honey Black Pudding with Rhubarb & Puy Lentils

I met Jack McCarthy of McCarthy Kanturk butchers at Harrys Bar & Restaurant for the Inishfood event in March. We were treated (among many things) to a taste of their newly developed 80% Cocoa solids, Pistachio & Honey Black Pudding. Everybody was raving about it – a new twist on an old favourite. McCarthys have won many awards for their black pudding and when I sampled them I could see why. They really are delicious. This recipe is inspired by Jack challenging me to do something “different” with the Chocolate Black Pudding. We really enjoyed how the tart rhubarb cut through the richness of the pudding and monkfish and how the lentils soaked up the syrup. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


6oog rhubarb, chopped into 3cm pieces

50g sugar

120g Puy Lentils

120 ml White Wine

120 ml Chicken/Vegetable Stock

A Sprig of Fresh Mint

600g Monkfish Tail

200g McCarthy Kanturk Chocolate & Pistachio Pudding

4  slices of Pancetta

4 Cocktail Sticks

Serves 4

For the Rhubarb:

Preheat the Oven to 180°

Place rhubarb in a dish & sprinkle sugar over.

Cover & bake for 20 mins.

Squash with a fork and leave in syrup.

For the Puy Lentils:

Place 120g Puy Lentils in a pot & cover with 120ml white wine & 120 ml chicken or vegetable stock. Simmer for 20 mins or until tender.

Chop some of the mint & stir through, adding a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Season to taste.

For the Monkfish:

Cut the monkfish into four pieces.

Lay the pancetta on a board and place the black pudding followed by the fish on top.

Wrap the bacon around and secure with a cocktail stick.

Bake uncovered for about 15- 20 mins (depending on the thickness of your monkfish)

Don’t forget to remove the cocktail sticks!

To Serve:

Place the rhubarb on the middle of the plate, place the monkfish on top and garnish with a sprig of mint.

Serve with the puy lentils.


4 thoughts on “Monkfish wrapped in McCarthy Kanturk Pancetta & Chocolate, Pistachio & Honey Black Pudding with Rhubarb & Puy Lentils

  1. michele hill!! no.1 fan

    This looks divine!! Unfortunately I live in the States where McCarthy’s black pudding (which I recently enjoyed on a trip home) or any kind of black pudding is not available. Can I simply leave it out or is there an alternative you would suggest?

    1. tara Post author

      This recipe specifically calls for the Chocolate, Pistachio & Honey black pudding as opposed to traditional black pudding. Would you have access to the French Boudin Noir? If not, I suggest you improvise with some dark chocolate (at least 80% Cocoa Solids) which you could place on the monkfish before wrapping in bacon. If you could get hold of some sausage meat that may also work nicely with the chocolate. A different dish but tasty nonetheless!

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